Speciality Drums

Greif are able to offer a wide range of speciality drums including Stainless Steel and Mixer Drums.  These products, manufactured at the Burton-on-Trent facility, are used in a variety of industries such as food, cosmetics and chemical to more specialised industries. All items can be tailor made to suit specific applications, order sizes and vary from small bespoke batches to large mass produced quantities.

Stainless Steel Drum

The first choice for high integrity.

Manufactured using the latest Plasma welding techniques these drums are made to customer design as well as traditional drum configuration. These high integrity drums are used in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Fragrance industries as well as in the Chemical or other industries requiring an absolutely pure and sanitary performance.
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Salvage Drum

The drum that guarantees safe and economic transport and storage of damaged drums.

In case of an unusual event of a steel drum to leak – possibly due to extreme mechanical loading or impact – temporary solutions may be required. Salvage drums are such a solution. Salvage drums are specifically designed for the safe and economic transport and storage of damaged drums.
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Agitator Drum

A technological advancement in mixing viscous liquids

The Agitator Drum is a standard steel drum, modified to accept single and double bladed agitator assemblies, which are welded to an operating rod mounted on brackets attached to the drums ends. Agitator drums can be operated through a center fitting which is plugged during shipment.
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Conical Drum

A specially UK-developed drum for waste management

Conical drums – with or without internal coating – have been developed by Greif in the UK for certain specialised industries including waste management. The drums are available in a capacity of 115 litres and 205 litre.
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