Agitator Drum
  • Description : A technological advancement in mixing viscous liquids.
  • Features :

- Brings a technological advancement in paint mixing.
- Offers precision in cross mixing to give consistency throughout the batch.
- Double paddle resulting in all of product being mixed.
- The blade rides very close to the bottom, enabling full blending of settled pigments.
- Creates vortex effect to give a more accurate overall finish than traditional paint mixing.
- The drum can restore even heavily pigmented material to laboratory conditions.
- Also effective for the adhesives, sealants and lubricants industries.

  • Capacity : 205 litres.
  • Construction :

- Commercial grade steel sheet.
- Welding all of the key components into place reduces the risk of failure in operation.
- Supplied internally plain or coated using the RDL® epoxy phenolic or phenolic coatings.
- Colours according to the Greif RAL standard range or special customer specifications.
- Available as standard large tight or open head steel drum.

  • Closures :

- 2 X G2 Tri-Sure® Closures in lid allowing filling and pumping.
- G2 Tri-Sure® Closure at the base of the drum allows easier emptying.

  • Marking Options : Multi-colour, silk screen decorations and labelling.

Product List (Agitator Drum)
Type Volume (Litres) Diameter (mm) Gauge (Top/Body/Btm) UN Solids Cert UN Liquids Cert Tri-Sure Closures
OH 205 572 1.0/1.0/1.0 N/A 1A2/Y1.2/120 2" & 3/4"