What is an open head drum?

  • An open head drum has a fully removable lid, which is secured with a nut and bolt or lever lock ring.


What is a tight head drum?

  • A tight head drum has a lid which is an integral part of the drum structure and cannot be removed.


Open head or tight head – which do I need?

  • Open head drums are more commonly used for solids and more viscous substances, or where frequent access is needed to add or remove contents. Tight head drums are generally used for lower viscosity liquids. However, we can provide an open head drum for liquids – please contact us to discuss your exact needs.


Are your drums quality tested?

  • Yes, all of our drums are tested using a helium leak test system to ensure optimum performance.


What colour options are available?

  • We offer a range of standard colours – please see our colour picker. Some customers find it useful to order drums in a variety of colours to easily identify different contents. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


What is the benefit of stainless steel?

  • Stainless steel drums provide better resistance to chemicals than carbon steel drums, so stainless steel may be a better option for you if you need to store or transport aggressive or corrosive chemicals. Greif’s stainless steel drums can be custom made to your specific requirements, in the batch size you need.


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